The Turkish Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (TSPCAN) was founded in 1988 and adopted a multidisciplinary approach towards the problem which was almost unrecognized in the early years of child protection practice in Turkey. The Society gradually expanded and today has more than 300 members throughout the country. Having a common mission with ISPCAN, TSPCAN has organized many conferences, symposia and events to increase awareness of child abuse and neglect; offers trainings to various professionals in the identification of child maltreatment and mulitidisciplinary management of such cases; and initiates services for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. TSPCAN also offers trainings for family members who need guidance while raising their children. In 2001, the ISPCAN European Regional Conference was held in Istanbul. TSPCAN became a Country Partner of ISPCAN in 2006. 

Child Protection Centers Support Society (COKMED) was established in İstanbul in 2012 to provide prevention of child abuse and neglect and improvement of services  for child victims.  The Society is currently working on expansion, development and supporting of University Based Child Protection Centers (UBCPC) in Turkey.

The University Based Child Protection Centers (UBCPC) were founded in 12 universities of different provinces in Turkey from 2006 to 2018. The mission of these centers is to provide a multidisciplinary approach to abused children as well as carry out preventive studies, research and advocacy work. UBCPC's are engaged in prevention activities via family training programs, youth activities, improving risk screening at child health care clinics and providing intervention when needed.
The UBCPC model has been a unique development in the history of child protection in Turkey. Child Protection Units (CPU), housed in the hospital of faculty of medicine, provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to abused children. These units function via interdisciplinary collaboration among forensic medicine, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, child and adolescent psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing and social work. This service-based activity is supported by multiple faculties and institutes in the university.
Issues like coordination betweeen established centers, accreditation of centers, development of knowledge and skills of experts who will work in these organizations, preparation of training programs and materials are among COKMED’ s major study field. COKMED also contributes efforts to develop social awareness and sensivity about violence against children.

Reporting to the Registrar of Ordu University, Directorate of Child Protection Application and Research Center has been established on November 25th 2015 with the official gazette notice number 29543.
The main objective of our center is to evaluate the children who were neglected, abused and forced to commit crime, and during the process of this evaluation, to prevent them from facing such traumatic conditions again.
The scope and the treatment services of the center are; to identify, treat and monitor the child and the adult who have suffered from neglect and abuse and regulate this treatment for the family, the child and the abuser. Protective Services; to prepare educational programs, hold conferences and seminars to increase social susceptibility, open mother-father schools and scan risk groups, prepare educational programs and provide counseling. Research; to plan, encourage and support scientific researches. Academic Studies; to participate in national and international conventions and symposiums, organize and broadcast national and international conventions and symposiums related to the matter.


The Congress is supported by The International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse & Neglect (ISPCAN)

ISPCAN was founded in 1977 by Dr. C. Henry Kempe and is still the only multidisciplinary organization bringing together professionals worldwide to work towards the prevention of child abuse, neglect and exploitation globally. ISPCAN has about 1,100 members in over 100 countries around the world. The mission of ISPCAN is to support individuals and organizations working to protect children from all forms of abuse and neglect worldwide.

ISPCANs objectives are;
-To increase awareness of the extent, causes and possible solutions for all forms of child abuse.
-To improve the quality of current efforts to detect, treat and prevent child abuse.       
-To facilitate the exchange of best practice standards being developed by ISPCAN members throughout the world.
-To design and deliver comprehensive training programs to professionals and concerned volunteers engaged in efforts to treat and prevent child abuse.
-To disseminate academic and clinical research to those in positions to enhance practice and improve policy.
-To support international efforts to promote and protect the Rights of the Child.