Dear Colleagues,

It's a great pleasure for TSPCAN (Turkish Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and ÇOKMED (Child Protection Centers Support Society) to invite you to Turkey for the IIIrd International Child Protection Congress that will be held in Ünye, Ordu with the theme "Child Advocacy: With Children, For Children".

Today, children worldwide are victims and witnesses of violence. They are trapped in a web of conflict, terrorism, forced migration, natural disasters, and man-made traumas, making it nearly impossible for them to grow up in safe environments as physically and mentally healthy individuals. The lack of love, care, and positive stimuli suitable for their age and developmental needs is leading children to deprivation and violence. They remain vulnerable to peer bullying and the often irreversible cycle of excessive internet use, drug abuse, and delinquency. Many children live in institutions or live and work in the streets. These challenges need to be emphasized in accordance with preventive child health and child advocacy.

Advocating for child rights and protecting them means safeguarding the present and the future of humanity. Working with children in this process will be meaningful for helping them internalize these rights and values, and become the building blocks of a robust society sensitized about human rights in the future. While protecting and advocating for children, as adults, we think it is of utmost importance to inform children of their rights and supporting them to develop their skills to defend their own rights.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this exciting event in 2018.

Congress Organizing Committee